Adolfo Farsari

An Italian who served in the Union Army in the
American Civil War. He traveled to Japan where he began
photographing the people and scenery around him
with unrivaled technicality and romanticism.
The images he captured made their way to Europe and America
to inspire artists and travelers for many years after.


Mike Johansson

I've been a little M.I.A for the past month and a half.
Between the Boston winter sucking the life out of me and
working on a film set during my spare time, I haven't given my
blog much attention. But here's some awesome installations by
Mike Johansson, and the hopes that longer days will inspire me to
start cranking out some new knitwear.


Zoomorphic Knitting

I realized that the sweater and the hooded scarf/cape
I made recently have very aquatic characteristics to them.
Here's the scarf/cape arranged into an octopus shape.
I guess it would be a decopus with the 10 arms.
That's a erroneous word....decopus...


Memory Tapes

This is my favorite song at the moment.
From the new album Seek Magic by Memory Tapes


Tree Sweater

The sweater I've been working on is finally DONE.
...well, almost.
I'm going to probably add a collar, then it will be finished.
I made up my own pattern as I went.
I based the cabling on the combination of tree bark
and the muscles on the body. Primarily on the arms and back.

:When making up your own knitting pattern,
be sure to write down what you're doing, or make
both sleeves at the same time. it will save you
a lot of time and grief:

Laura's Hooded Scarf

This is a knitted piece I just finished for my sister.
She wanted a scarf with a hood, and this is what my mind
came up with. These pictures don't quite show it off that well,
but it snowed last night and I couldn't help but go out and
snap some photos in the snow. I'll post some more soon,
hopefully with a girl modeling it. No offense Rusty!

The hood is an alpaca/acrylic blend. SUPER soft.
The body of it is wool/mohair blend by Brown Sheep Co.
The brown yarn is a great kettle dyed merino by Malabrigo.


Good Morning

Filmed in 1959 by renowned Japanese film maker Yasujiro Ozu,
Good Morning takes you to a neighborhood in Japan
where two children take a vow of silence until their mother
and father buy them a TV so they can watch sumo wrestling.

The plot is full of gossiping women, romance, and pudgy
Japanese boys making fart jokes. Between that and the
awesome sets, costumes, and color... what else do you need?

Barry Underwood

These amazing photographs are installed on site then
photographed by Barry Underwood; creating a combination
of theatrical lighting and nature photography. I love how
the addition of the unnatural lights create a sort of
diorama effect to the surrounding spaces.



Regal Taxidermy

This handsome fellow was given to me by a friend of mine
a while back. I figured he needed a good home, so I
put together this little nest/roost for him.

Tread Softly

I created these little fungi critters last year.
They are extremely shy.
They will flicker and glow contently in silence.
However the slightest noise will cause them to darken.

I connected a super sensitive sound switch to the
LED array that is cast under the fungi.
This was a sort of practice run for my later project,
Animam Clamorem.


Mark Weaver

Another illustrator working with mid 20th century
imagery and giving them an amazing new life.


3D Mandelbrot

The Mandelbrot has been around for about 30 years.
Basically it's a fractal rendered in 2D.
About 20 years ago, the idea of a three dimensional
rendering was conceived although the
technology required to render it was not available.

In 2007, partially rendered 3D models became
manageable and with the help of programmers and
enthusiasts, there are now fully 3D renderings of
Mendelbrots, called Mandelbulbs in their new form.

The previous images are all zoomed - in details
from the larger Mandelbulb below.

See more pictures and more info on the process here